Eating Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles

Trellis Recovery Centers in Los Angeles, CA provides high-quality, residential eating disorder treatment for men and women.


Eating Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

At Trellis Recovery Centers, we firmly believe in the innate power of every individual to overcome challenges and build empowering and fulfilling lives in alignment with their highest values. We believe that freedom from disordered eating is possible and that full recovery is attainable. We believe that, with compassionate accountability and encouraging guidance, our clients are capable of achieving their goals. Our eating disorder informed team, in Los Angeles, California combines empathic and authentic support with the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment to lead those in our care in finding what all of these aspects look like for them. 

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We Accept Most Insurances

Trellis Recovery Centers accepts most insurances. To quickly find out if your insurance is accepted at Trellis, please contact our admissions team today!

Types of Eating Disorders Treated in Los Angeles, California

What We Treat

Trellis Recovery Centers are staffed by clinicians, dietitians, nurses, medical professionals, and mental health workers that are passionate about supporting those struggling with eating disorders to find recovery. We offer treatment in Los Angeles for any individual struggling with a primary eating disorder diagnosis as well as support around any co-occurring mental health disorders. Eating disorder diagnoses that our staff are trained to treat include:


Therapy Offered at Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Los Angeles

The clinical team at Trellis Recovery Centers are educated and trained in combining various therapeutic philosophies and interventions based on what each individual client needs. No two individuals are the same, therefore, their experience of their eating disorder will differ from others as will their needs in treatment and recovery. Our clinical team combines evidence-based therapies to support every individual in our care in finding what insights and skills support their recovery best.


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Eating Disorder FAQ

Eating disorder treatment FAQ

Length-of-stay in residential eating disorder treatment varies depending on the individual but is, on average, 30-45 days.

Trellis Recovery Centers serves men & women 18 years and older at our residential treatment center.

Trellis Recovery Centers is a 6-bed facility.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one need help for an eating disorder, reach out to our admissions team to learn about options for support.

Most eating disorder treatment centers have professionals trained in helping those in need get treatment. Call our admissions number today to learn how you can fund eating disorder treatment.

Heal in a Safe and Comfortable Setting

Trellis Recovery Centers provide a tranquil, welcoming, and engaging treatment environment for those in our care. Our treatment space was created with teens in mind and combines comforting and safe surroundings with games and activities that allow each man and woman to make the space their own. At Trellis, we provide functional indoor eating disorder treatment spaces, beautiful and refreshing outdoor spaces, and opportunities for our clients to see the local community space of Los Angeles such as farmer’s markets, hiking trails, and the beach.