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Welcome to Trellis Recovery Centers!

A trellis is a framework intended to support fledgling plants in growing upward. Many plants that are capable of flourishing to incredible heights require a structure to gently guide and support their upward growth. Our hope is to do the same for our clients, providing them with supportive structure and compassionate guidance that will help to strengthen their eating disorder recovery, optimize their growth, and help them to climb higher.

Our Mission

At Trellis Recovery Centers, we believe that every individual holds, within them, a unique, resilient, and incredible power to navigate and overcome life’s challenges in order to create their own rewarding and joy-filled lives. Our mission is to provide effective, authentic, and empathic support, guidance, and education to lead clients in finding and harnessing this power and using it to move toward fulfilling lives free from disordered eating.

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Our Philosophy

As a trellis does with plants, our hope at Trellis Recovery Centers is to provide gentle, foundational, support that allows our clients to grow in their own way. Just as no two plants would grow on a trellis the same way, no two individuals will experience their eating disorder and treatment in the same way. Our team utilizes cognitive exploration, emotional processing, development of skills, movement and art therapies, community outings, group activities, clinical exposures, kitchen experience, and medical and nutritional education to support clients in their well-rounded journey toward eating disorder recovery.

We believe in going beneath the surface of the eating disorder.

Our philosophy is based in the understanding that demonizing eating disorder beliefs and behaviors does not support long-term recovery. Individuals struggling with eating disorders engage in their behaviors for many reasons. The eating disorder has served a purpose for them that contributes to their attachment to the disorder and the difficulty in letting it go. Considering this, our treatment focuses not on solely reducing presenting eating disorder behaviors but, instead, on exploring the deeper mediating factors beneath the eating disorder. 

We work to move beyond the acute crisis stage of treatment with the aim to access and address the deeper struggles our clients face and which underlie their eating disorder and mental health challenges. Our treatment focuses on acknowledging the function the eating disorder once had as well as creating space for our clients to learn other ways of achieving these functions without the eating disorder.

We see beyond the eating disorder to the human in front of us.

At Trellis, it is a foundational part of our treatment that we never lose sight of the human we are treating. To this end, we are committed to giving each person individualized care that is tailored to their unique personality and experiences. We want to know our clients for who they are and what they stand for, not only for their eating disorder. We want our clients to feel that they are seen and heard by their treatment providers.

Further, we know that our clients are not defined by their illnesses and we believe in their innate power to heal themselves. Our mission is to support each individual in our care as they discover this innate power and utilize it to create a reality wherein they no longer feel they need eating disorder behaviors in order to cope, feel empowered, and live fulfilling lives.

We are committed to client advocacy.

At Trellis Recovery Centers, our goal is to be our client’s fiercest advocates. We provide case management and insurance support services that allow our team to directly advocate for the needs of each client. 

We place emphasis on setting clients up for success.

Individuals that receive care at Trellis Recovery Centers may not be with us for the other levels-of-care needed, however, this does not mean we don’t support in planning for these transitions.

Every aspect of the Trellis program is focused on strengthening each individual’s plan and skills for transition out of residential care. We do this through meal exposures, teaching kitchen skills, providing support groups for both client and support system, community outings and activities, education coordination, and alumni groups. 

We recognize that the goal is to plant seeds for sustained recovery, not solely recovery in residential treatment.

We believe that full eating disorder recovery is possible.

Even under the most difficult circumstances, there is always hope for eating disorder recovery. At Trellis, we hold this hope for every individual in our care as they work to find this hope for themselves. While we acknowledge that social pressures and eating disorder thoughts might arise again in one’s lifetime, we believe in the power of the individual to experience these and make recovery-focused choices. We believe that recovery from eating disorders is absolutely possible and achievable for everyone.

Balance, flexibility, and resilience are key components of mental health, and are central themes in treatment at Trellis Recovery Centers.

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Our Approach

Clinical Component 

Our Clinical team consists of 3 licensed, eating disorder trained and informed therapists. Trellis Clinicians utilize a therapeutic framework that centers on 5 elements of effective treatment and well-being (in no particular order): 

1) Core Cognitions 

2) Gaining Knowledge & Insight 

3) Connection & Communication 

4) Meaningful Life Management 

5) Identity Exploration 

To support clients in exploration and growth in these areas, they will attend individual, group, family, movement, and somatic therapies. Clinicians utilize the most evidence-based and effective treatment modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), Person-Centered therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. 

Dietary Component 

At Trellis Recovery Centers, our dietary program utilizes Health At Every Size (HAES), Intuitive Eating, and All Foods Fit models to support nutritional healing, growth, and understanding. Our program involves exposure to fear foods, clothing, experiences, and weight with effective and evidence-based support from our eating disorder trained and informed Registered Dietitian as well as our Clinical and Nursing staff. We place emphasis on inclusivity of individual bodies, experiences, and personalities and consider these aspects in our individualized treatment approach. Our goal is to help clients reconnect with their inner self and make peace with food and their bodies. 

Nursing Component 

At Trellis Recovery Centers, we provide a medically holistic approach focused on identifying the origin-of-cause and how it relates to eating disorder behaviors and recovery. Clients will have biweekly nursing groups to review the body systems and build an understanding of the medical complications that are associated with their behaviors. Clients will have an opportunity to co-lead nursing groups on a topic they are interested in to facilitate involvement and autonomy in their care. Clients will receive extensive psychoeducation on body mechanics and how that ties into movement and nutrition in their recovery process. Weekly medical team meetings will be held with the client and their support system to educate and explore care for each individual client’s unique eating disorder complexities.

Why Us?

There are many informed and effective eating disorder treatment centers out there so the question of “why Trellis?” is natural.

At Trellis, we believe in our approach to eating disorder treatment because it was created based on years of extensive experience in the field. Our team has worked in all levels-of-care, with adults, children, and adolescents, at numerous treatment programs, and in the eating disorder treatment community through speaking engagements, writing, and advocacy work. 

In creating the Trellis treatment philosophy, we asked ourselves, based on all of this diverse experience, “what worked?” We combined our answers to this question to design a treatment approach that is evidence-based, humanistic, and effective. 

Ultimately, our hope is that Trellis provides the best care for our clients so that they can achieve freedom from their eating disorder and move forward with their lives. We believe that the treatment philosophy we have created will do just that. Contact our eating disorder treatment centers to get started towards your recovery today.