Admissions Process


Our care begins the moment the admissions process does. This process starts with an initial assessment. During this assessment, prospective clients will speak with a licensed mental health professional whose job it is to learn your unique mental health, medical, and social history so we can provide the best individualized treatment. 


As you are engaging in the clinical assessment at Trellis Recovery Centers here in Los Angeles, California, our admissions team will be hard-at-work coordinating with your insurance company to explore how you can receive coverage for the treatment you need. 


Once approved for admission, our team will coordinate an admission date and time that works best for your daily life. Our team will communicate what a day in treatment looks like and what you may bring to treatment as well as provide suggestions to ease your transition into residential care. 


Upon arrival at our Los Angeles treatment center, clients will meet with Trellis’ Clinical Director, Margot Rittenhouse, who will provide a tour of the facility and introductions to Staff and peers as well as answer any questions that might arise. Clients and their guardians will then receive orientation to our program and the recovery journey begins!

Girl begiining eating disorder treatment in Los Angeles California
man at eating disorder treatment
Admissions to eating disorder treatment center