Residential Eating Disorder Treatment in California

Eating disorders are serious mental health struggles that cannot always be treated while an individual lives in their home environment. This may be because they are not medically safe, their eating disorder behaviors are not stabilized, or they do not yet know how to cope with the triggers of their home environment without the eating disorder. Regardless of the reason, some individuals struggling with an eating disorder require the containment and support of a residential treatment program such as Trellis Recovery Centers in California.

How Does Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Differ From Outpatient Programs?

When an individual is recommended to attend a residential level-of-care for eating disorder treatment, their first question is often why the same treatment cannot occur while they live at home. The obvious answer is that, if the individual could maintain recovery while at home, they would not require a residential level of care. Residential treatment is intended for those that are not yet appropriate to return home because of the frequency of the behaviors and/or medical status. They also often require residential care because they have attempted to maintain eating disorder recovery while at home and utilizing outpatient care but this has not been successful.

The biggest difference between outpatient and residential care involves the access to treatment providers. Individuals in residential treatment are monitored by mental health workers 24/7. These individuals provide support for the client while also ensuring their safety and holding them accountable to not engaging in eating disorder behaviors. Our eating disorder Residential treatment in California also provides the medical oversight one cannot receive at home, even with weekly doctors appointments, as most residential treatment programs (including Trellis) provide 24/7 nursing support as well. Beyond this, residential treatment also involves higher frequency of therapy and dietary sessions.

Residential treatment also allows individuals to explore what situational, environmental, relational, and cognitive components contribute to their eating disorder behaviors while being removed from some of these factors. This can allow individuals to openly process this information and learn and develop skills that will help them cope effectively with them upon returning to the home.

Residential treatment also involves exposures to food and movement within a contained environment that encourages this engagement without eating disorder behaviors. Clients can explore what arises within them emotionally, cognitively, or physically when they engage with food, fluids, and movement in real-time and do so with professionals educated in eating disorder treatment and recovery.

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About Our California Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Programs

At Trellis Recovery Centers, we value the residential level of care as one of the most important. This is because residential treatment programs provide safe and titrated transition from inpatient hospitalization back into life and the real-world. Individuals that attend residential treatment have the opportunity to practice their recovery skills in a safe and supportive environment.

At Trellis Recovery Centers eating disorder residential level-of-care, we offer a 6-bed treatment experience in a home setting in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Treatment providers include therapists, a registered dietitian, and nursing staff that are all trained in eating disorder treatment. Weekly, clients will have over 25 psychoeducation and process groups, 2 individual sessions with their therapist, one long and 2 short sessions with their registered dietitian, 2 daily check-ins (minimum) with nursing staff, one family session led by client’s therapist, and one meeting with their psychiatrist.

The home setting at Trellis residential treatment centers provides comforting and quiet indoor and outdoor settings as well as space for yoga and movement therapies and areas for clients to engage in art therapy, gardening, and outdoor games. 

Regarding the treatment philosophy at Trellis Recovery Centers, a key aspect of our residential programs is exposure. It is important to the Trellis team to create a comforting and compassionate space for recovery, however, this does not mean we cut clients off from the factors that trigger them. To do so would be unhelpful as the individuals would then not know how to cope with these factors when they inevitably face them after discharge. As such, our eating disorder trained professionals will formulate exposures specifically tailored to each individual that allow them to engage with their fears with support and while learning effective methods of doing so.

Our Trellis treatment philosophy also values the diverse combination of dietary, medical, and psychological factors that contribute to eating disorders and address all of these factors. This means that no one factor is emphasized as being more important than the others. Clients that attend Trellis Recovery Centers residential treatment will have consistent access to dietary, clinical, and medical professionals all of whom have extensive experience in eating disorder treatment. These professionals will provide individual check-ins as well as psychoeducational and process groups related to their field.

Comfortable living space at Trellis recovery center for eating disorders in California

Benefits of Trellis’ Eating Disorder Residential Treatment Program in California

The approach of Trellis Recovery Centers residential treatment facility in Los Angeles, California has been designed thoughtfully by eating disorder professionals with over 20 years of combined experience in the field. These individuals make-up our treatment team and are those providing our clients directly with care. 

At Trellis Recovery Centers, we recognize the need for residential treatment to be a safe space that is compassionately challenging and every member of our team strives to meet this need. Every member of the Trellis team has been extensively trained in eating disorder diagnoses, contributing factors, behaviors and symptoms, and effective treatment.

We are lucky to have both a psychiatrist and pediatrician on our Staff that are educated, trained, and have experience in treating eating disorders. Our psychiatrist will meet with clients once weekly and our nursing team will have consistent consultation with our pediatrician.

Our approach at Trellis is effective in treating eating disorders because we honor the most up-to-date research and acknowledge the importance of utilizing this in a unique and tailored way with every individual client. We recognize that no two eating disorder presentations are the same just as no two people are the same and we embrace and celebrate the differences of every client and utilize these to design the most effective treatment for the individual.

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Trellis Recovery Centers focuses on providing compassionately challenging residential eating disorder treatment in a safe and contained environment that encourages individuality and growth here in Southern California. Our team is ready to provide the treatment needed to help those in our care live fulfilling and meaningful lives free from disordered eating. Contact us today to get started.